Police Increase Patrols During NCAA Tournament

marchmadnessGrand Rapids and Michigan area law enforcement officers have been put on alert during the 2016 NCAA tournament. Their goal is to stop drunk drivers from endangering the lives of others after too much celebrating during March Madness 2016.

Area officers held a news conference on Tuesday, March 22nd, alerting the public to be responsible and resist the temptation to party and then get in a vehicle.

“Drive sober or get pulled over,” said Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma, punctuating the statewide campaign’s mantra.

March Madness, the NCAA tournament held nationally, is a prime season for police on the look out for drivers that are under the influence. In 2015, a total of 2,182 individuals were arrested with DUI violations. Of those, 672 were drunk enough to qualify for Michigan’s “Super Drunk Law” – a BAC of twice the legal limit.

A federal grant has allowed for more patrols to increase in every county.

“Not only does a bad choice made while drunk driving mess with your own life, it can ruin someone else’s,” says Kendall Wingrove, editor for Michigan’s Office of Highway Safety Planning. “The more and more people that we can convince to not make a bad decision, even if we can save one life, the entire effort will be worth it.”

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