No Jail Time for Periscoping Drunk Driver

Remember the bizzare case recently of a young woman broadcasting her drunk driving to the world via the app Periscope?

Well, last week she got lucky – no jail time for the dangerous (and stupid) stunt.

After Periscope viewers alerted police about her intoxicated public broadcast driving through the streets of Lakeland FL, Whitney Beall was arrested within minutes by local police.

Last week, Beall and her attorney made a plea deal in court.   The results were a standard sentence for a first time DUI offense. Beall will receive 12 months of probation, alcohol evaluation and treatment, a 10-day vehicle impound, a six months driver’s license suspension.  She will also not be drinking any alcohol or even visiting a bar for awhile.

Because of her blatant public flaunting of endangering the community, Beall also received an enhanced sentence that includes 150 hour of community service, and 10 days of weekend work release.

She is one lucky girl.

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