Michigan Super Drunk Law Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary – Are We Any Safer?

superdrunkFive years ago this fall, Michigan passed what is now known as the “Super Drunk Law”, one which imposes harsher than normal penalties for those whose blood alcohol levels reach or exceed .17 percent.

So after 5 years of writing tickets for the worst drunk driving offenders, are we any safer than we were before the law was enacted?

Depends on who you ask, but it is very likely drivers are safer than before the law went into effect 5 years ago.

Alcohol-related crashes have gone down slightly across the state since implementation of the law.

At the same time, the number of all drunken-driving tickets across the state is on a downward trend. This trend could be the result of fewer officers patrolling our roads and highways due to the fact that many communities have been forced cut back due to budget cuts.

Law enforcement will tell you that the super drunk law has definitely been an attributing factor in saving lives on Michigan roadways.  The most tragic (and senseless) accidents that result in death can often be the fault of a driver that is super drunk.

Judges, police and anti-drunken driving crusaders unanimously agree: “super drunk” drivers are deadly.

“They’re the ones that tend to be involved in the tragic crashes,” said Tyler MacEachran, program director for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). “Law enforcement, MADD and the people in the judicial system know the high BAC (blood alcohol content) laws work and we want them to continue.”


One law will never stop every tragic accident from happening, but in one case it most certainly has done just that.

Read more about how a Vietnam veteran attributes the Super Drunk Law to saving his life, and most likely, the lives of others.

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