Law Enforcement Officers Get DUIs Too

One would think that if anyone would know the dangers of drinking and driving it would be a law enforcement officer. Yet we see policeman – and even lieutenant’s in law enforcement – get busted for DUI over and over.

That’s exactly what happened to a Washtenaw County Sheriff’s lieutenant last December. A Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department report shows Lt. Brian Filipiak, 47, have a blood alcohol content of more than 3X the legal limit. This level of intoxication is considered to be in violation of Michigan’s “Super Drunk Law” and carries with it serious penalties – especially for multiple offenders.

Not only was Filipiak caught with a 5th of vodka in his vehicle, he made the mistake of being extremely uncooperative with police. And that’s not good.

“During the entire investigation, Brian was very uncooperative,” Morrison said in his report. “Brian would try and use that he is a Lieutenant for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office to try and persuade me by letting him go (sic).”

Here are a few tips that you can take from this DUI arrest of a police officer.

TIP # 1: Never drive with an open bottle of booze in your vehicle. Even if you have not been drinking, do not ride around with any alcoholic beverage that has been opened. This goes without saying and is dumb move #1 on this officer’s part.

TIP # 2: Never be uncooperative with the officer that pulls you over. Being a jerk to any police officer will just piss them off, so any type of resistance on your part will only make things worse.

TIP # 3: Never think that by being a police officer (or any excuse) will get you off the hook from a drunk driving charge. This lieutenant made the mistake of trying to coerce the arresting office into letting him off because he was in law enforcement. Unless you have a cop that is somewhat corrupt, this will never fly.

Watch the video below and read the entire story here >>>

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