Grand Rapids Area Schools Review Security Measures After Connecticut Shooting

As millions of kids returned to school today, their parents can not help but wonder whether what happened in Connecticut last Friday could happen right here in Grand Rapids.

The answer is a sobering reflection on reality.  The incident that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, although unlikely, could happen anywhere – even in Grand Rapids.

School officials in the Grand Rapids area have already begun to review security measures.  Rockford Public School have made plans to double state-required lockdown drills, pushing the number to four per year.

As WOOD TV reports…Rockford superintendent Michael Shibler says “the code red training and drills is far more important in saving lives if tragedy should occur than any other measures.”A committee also will review district security and make recommendations.Administrators and faculty at Grand Rapids Diocesan Catholic Schools also are to review “active shooter in schools” planning information from the local sheriff’s department and other crisis materials.It has been reported that security meaures at Sandy Hook were as good, or better, than most schools in the United States. When thrwarted by entry into the school, the gunman simply shot through a window to gain access.

The reality is that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary will most likely result in our schools becoming more like miniature “prisons” complete with bars on the windows and high-level security measures imposed on students throughout the day.  Who knows, outdoor recess may become a thing of the past.  


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