Grand Haven Woman Gets Prison After Seventh DUI

There are times when prison is the only thing that will keep a drunk driver off the road. That’s what happened to a Grand Haven woman who was sentenced to prison after being convicted of drunk driving for the 7th time. In this case, seven times is the charm.

The woman, Karen Anne Robert, was slapped with a 2-5 year sentence for her continued DUI conviction. Her attorney requested that she receive treatment rather than being “warehoused” at a Michigan prison.

The judge in this case did the right thing, citing the fact that the woman could not stop herself from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. He cited public the Public safety as his main reason, and rightfully so.

Robert’s latest arrest came while her license was suspended from the previous incident. So she obviously had no intention of refraining from drinking and driving even without a valid driver’s license.

Robert’s final arrest (hopefully) came after she ran a stop sign and hit another vehicle being driven by a Spring Lake teenager. Apparently she thought she was at a 4-way stop and that the teen had run the stop sign.

Upon impact, the teen’s air bag deployed. Soon after, Robert’s was instructing the teen to pick up her bumper and place it in her trunk so she could go home. A local witness reports that Roberts threw empty liquor bottles behind a tree. She would have fled the scene if not for the damage to her own vehicle which made it non-operational.

After police arrived, Robert’s BAC was recorded as 0.213 – nearly three times the legal limit in the state of Michigan.

The teen in the crash made a statement at Robert’s hearing, stating that she considered them both lucky to be alive and have walked away from the accident.

Even after apologies to the teen and her mother, and telling the judge she would undergo an arm amputation if it would get her to stop drinking, it made no difference in the verdict.

“If you told me I would have to amputate my arm and it would make me never drink again, I would do it,” she said.

The prosecuting attorney recommended a tougher sentence based on Robert’s past history and the fact that she was on parole at the time of the accident.

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