MI Drivers License Restoration

Drunk driving offenses (DUI) in the state of Michigan can often result in a revocation of your driver’s license.¬† A drivers license restoration attorney can help solve this problem. Garner enough DUI offenses in a short amount of time and you could be looking at a lifetime ban from driving altogether.

In most cases however, a revocation of your current drivers license can be restored by appealing your case to Driver Assessment and Repeal Division contained within the Michigan Secretary of State office.

The most important aspect after obtaining a hearing with DAAD is to be PREPARED! We suggest you do not attempt to try restoring your driver’s license without a competent attorney to guide you – especially if it is your first hearing with DAAD.

Keep in mind that the State of Michigan will assume that you will NOT get your driver’s license back – especially if you have had multiple DUIs in the past. The burden of proof is on you. The hearing officer will need plenty of proof that you have changed your ways and are competent enough to obtain your Michigan driver’s license again. Driving is a privilege so be certain you provide everything you need to win your case.

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