Law Enforcement Officers Get DUIs Too

One would think that if anyone would know the dangers of drinking and driving it would be a law enforcement officer. Yet we see policeman – and even lieutenant’s in law enforcement – get busted for DUI over and over.

That’s exactly what happened to a Washtenaw County Sheriff’s lieutenant last December. A Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department report shows Lt. Brian Filipiak, 47, have a blood alcohol content of more than 3X the legal limit. This level of intoxication is considered to be in violation of Michigan’s “Super Drunk Law” and carries with it serious penalties – especially for multiple offenders.

Not only was Filipiak caught with a 5th of vodka in his vehicle, he made the mistake of being extremely uncooperative with police. And that’s not good.

“During the entire investigation, Brian was very uncooperative,” Morrison said in his report. “Brian would try and use that he is a Lieutenant for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office to try and persuade me by letting him go (sic).”

Here are a few tips that you can take from this DUI arrest of a police officer.

TIP # 1: Never drive with an open bottle of booze in your vehicle. Even if you have not been drinking, do not ride around with any alcoholic beverage that has been opened. This goes without saying and is dumb move #1 on this officer’s part.

TIP # 2: Never be uncooperative with the officer that pulls you over. Being a jerk to any police officer will just piss them off, so any type of resistance on your part will only make things worse.

TIP # 3: Never think that by being a police officer (or any excuse) will get you off the hook from a drunk driving charge. This lieutenant made the mistake of trying to coerce the arresting office into letting him off because he was in law enforcement. Unless you have a cop that is somewhat corrupt, this will never fly.

Watch the video below and read the entire story here >>>

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Are DUI Checkpoints a Scam?

Police have been getting alot of press lately with the recent incidents in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other cities across the United States. There is no doubt that every civil society must have a police force to investigate crimes and catch criminals and keep streets safe for everyone But what happens when the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens are blatantly infringed upon by the same police force that is there to “protect and serve”?

DUI checkpoints have become commonplace across the country for rooting out the drunk drivers that make our roads a dangerous place for those that follow the law and do not drink and drive. But do these DUI checkpoints go too far in their attempt to catch DUI offenders?

In 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that, despite their “intrusion on individual liberties,” being stopped in a DUI checkpoint does not violate a person’s Fourth Amendment’s protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. Not all states implement DUI checkpoints as a matter of course, but many do.

Michigan’s courts ruled in favor of drivers who called foul on DUI checkpoints, but the federal courts did not agree. In a split ruling, the federal court overruled the Michigan Court’s decision and determined that DUI checkpoints were, indeed, legal under federal law. Despite finding that roadblocks did meet the Fourth Amendment’s definition of an unreasonable seizure, the court found that, due to the threat a drunk driver imposes on other motorists, they were a necessary means of protection.

Even with this Supreme Court ruling, many drivers continue to challenge the legality of DUI checkpoints. Youtube is littered with videos that involved drivers exercising what they believe to be their Constitutional rights as a U.S. citizen.

So the question persists: are DUI checkpoints unconstitutional? And if local and state law enforcement agencies receive federal funds for the implementation of DUI checkpoints, are they monetarily incentivized to set up roadblocks and DUI checkpoints making them nothing more than a money-making scam?

Watch the video below and you decide whether you believe that DUI checkpoints have gone way too far in violating the rights of law-abiding citizens. (Note that this individual was released without question soon after the officers realized their actions were on video)

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Grand Rapids Area Schools Review Security Measures After Connecticut Shooting

As millions of kids returned to school today, their parents can not help but wonder whether what happened in Connecticut last Friday could happen right here in Grand Rapids.

The answer is a sobering reflection on reality.  The incident that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, although unlikely, could happen anywhere – even in Grand Rapids.

School officials in the Grand Rapids area have already begun to review security measures.  Rockford Public School have made plans to double state-required lockdown drills, pushing the number to four per year.

As WOOD TV reports…Rockford superintendent Michael Shibler says “the code red training and drills is far more important in saving lives if tragedy should occur than any other measures.”A committee also will review district security and make recommendations.Administrators and faculty at Grand Rapids Diocesan Catholic Schools also are to review “active shooter in schools” planning information from the local sheriff’s department and other crisis materials.It has been reported that security meaures at Sandy Hook were as good, or better, than most schools in the United States. When thrwarted by entry into the school, the gunman simply shot through a window to gain access.

The reality is that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary will most likely result in our schools becoming more like miniature “prisons” complete with bars on the windows and high-level security measures imposed on students throughout the day.  Who knows, outdoor recess may become a thing of the past.  

Source: http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/local/kent_county/conn-shooting-prompts-security-review-by-grand-rapids-area-schools

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