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A DUI conviction could cost you thousands in court costs and a lengthy jail term. Call 616-541-6134 for a FREE Consultation.

DUI Grand Rapids, MIIf you or a loved one has been arrested for drunk driving in, or around the Grand Rapids, MI area, it is imperative that you consult an experienced DUI attorney immediately.

Doing so could save you from thousands of dollars in court fees, a criminal record resulting in your loss of employment, and even a potential prison term.

Newly passed laws such as Zero Tolerance for drivers under the age of 21 and the new Super Drunk Law means a conviction could result in you paying fines up to $5000 in addition to being sentenced to up to 5 years in prison!

Without aggressive and experienced legal defense you maybe found guilty of an offense you did not commit and possibly sentenced to a jail term you do not deserve.

How We Can Help You

  • Aggressively fight to get charges dismissed or reduced by arguing law enforcement did not haveprobable cause for the stop that one or more of your rights have been violated.
  • Raise doubts about the equipment or testing procedures utilized to measure the blood-alcohol content (BAC).
  • Plea bargain to lesser charges or a more lenient sentence.

We have successfully defended all types of driving charges:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs (prescription and illegal)
  • First-time offenders
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Individuals with previous DUI convictions
  • Individuals facing felony DUI charges
  • Individuals charged with vehicular assault, manslaughter or homicide
  • Individuals who hold CDL licenses
  • Reckless and careless driving

We will also work to prevent your license from being suspended by the state, but you must call NOW or it may be too late. If your license is suspended or revoked, we can help you get it reinstated.

It’s imperative you hire a qualified defense team as soon as possible after your arrest.  Don’t take chances with less experienced drunk driving defense lawyers — or worse — allow yourself to be represented by a public defender.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation.  Call our DUI hotline at 616-541-6134

Our drunk driving defense experts are standing by waiting to help you.

We are Grand Rapids attorneys who will work hard to protect your rights and help you avoid harsh legal, fines and possible jail time.


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